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Modern Man TV

Quick Look: Is the term "metrosexual" still in use? If it is, then that's who Modern Man TV is geared toward, with videos on grooming, style, and fashion. The videos appear to be mostly product reviews for grooming products such as TheSalonGuy CRAFTED Extreme Hold Matte Paste and BluMaan hair health system, along with accessories from brands like MVMT, maker of watches and sunglasses. You'll also find plenty of videos to help you find the right shampoo (Shehvoo Black Clay Shampoo, anyone?).

Okay, those were all shameless promotional links (we have to pay the bills, and anything you buy through those links will bring in a few pennies for maintaining this website), but they're real examples of the videos available on the Modern Man TV Roku channel. The videos on Roku do appear to be a bit dated (the first video in the home menu is "Men's Fashion 2017" and here we are in 2021), but you'll find more-recent content on the Modern Man TV YouTube channel, including the example shown below.

-- Information is current as of January 22, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome To Modern Man TV. your destination for Hair style tips, Product reviews, Tutorials and all things for the Modern Man's Lifestyle. Hosted by Mike Smith

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