Mission Destruction

Quick Look: Mission Destruction is dodge-and-shoot arcade games similar in style to Space Invaders. Use your left and right direction arrows on the Roku remote to move your ship while you fire your lasers at incoming enemy ships to release stars. Intercept the stars to enable continued play. Other goodies like shields and magic bullets are also up for grabs from time to time.

The game offers limited free play. After finishing the first level you will be asked to purchase the full game, which unlocks all ships and all levels and stops the ads.

-- Information is current as of August 28, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Fight against alien invaders & use your aircraft skills in Mission Destruction. In this shoot 'em up game keep your aim sharp & take down as many enemies as you can! Get ready for an infinity shooting war and win every battle for the future of the universe! Get Ready For an Action filled Adventure with exciting levels while you destroy powerful enemies across your path.

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DEVELOPER: Rendered Ideas

FEES: $9.99 one-time purchase to unlock levels beyond the first one