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Millennium TV 24

Quick Look: Millennium TV 24 provides a live feed of the 24/7 global news channel that started in Bangladesh in 2013 and currently provides content from the US. Millennium TV 24 is "focused on delivering high quality local, regional and national content in the area of news and information, arts and culture, religion, legal advice and education through its broadcast and online outlets to its audiences from all over the globe."

In addition to Roku, Millennium TV 24 can be viewed online at, Android and iOS devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and on cable and satellite TV services around the globe.

-- Information is current as of March 12, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Millennium Tv 24 committed to delivering most recent and true news for our viewers. our content inspire a billion imaginations with a new idea of what is possible by providing information and news coverage to bridge the gap between the communities worldwide. watch live 24/7 in our apps, website and network.

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