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Michael Alm

Quick Look: The Michael Alm channel features advanced woodworking videos from his shop in Seattle, Washington. He is known for his mixed media/wood sculptures that have been featured in many prominent galleries around the Northwest as well as his woodworking talents. This Roku channel offers a little bit of both, showcasing a variety of his "artistic endeavors" as well as some practical woodworking projects. The videos do not offer any narration or instructions, they are simply time lapse video demonstrations on how to create the project.

Projects include a serving tray, storage bench, planter as well as his sculptures of an owl's wings, ornamental feathers, and a carved fox head. Below is one of the videos found on this channel; many more can be found on his YouTube channel.

-- Information is current as of June 7, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Michael Alm. Woodworking at its finest

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DEVELOPER: Strathspey Digital

FEES: None