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Miami TV

Quick Look: Miami TV describes itself as a "trendsetting entertainment channel" and broadcasts live events from Miami, Florida, every Monday through Wednesday at 10:00 pm ET. Their flagship show is The Jenny Show, billed as "a very special uplifting talk show with unusual and interesting topics and a very personal format." The host visits local events and clubs, interviewing people on the street while dressed in a very revealing top and short shorts. An example video can be viewed below.

The Miami TV Roku channel offers the following four live streams:

  • Channel 18 Miami TV Latino - This is primary channel that is broadcast in the Miami area.
  • Miami TV Spain - Local content from Argentina, Colombia and Spain, covering social events, festivals, and historical places.
  • Miami TV DJ - Music videos from local Miami area artists
  • Buenisimo TV - Concerts from performances in the Miami area.

Most of the content found on this channel is a mix of English and Spanish.

CONTENT WARNING: R-rated content.

-- Information is current as of March 7, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Miami TV has several Channels under it you may view. Miami TV does LIVE Events from Miami for the rest of the world. Broadcasting Live events in Miami Live as they happen.Live shows Monday to Wednesday 10pm ET. Friday nights and weekends. Times vary and schedule available in our website or our mobile APP: Miami TV

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