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Meditation & Relaxation

Quick Look: Meditation & Relaxation contains 13 videos designed to relieve stress and align your chakras. Each video serves a different purpose and is played in a different note with the primary result being relaxation. The videos include the following:

  • Sacral Chakra Note D - 10 minute video with rhythmic sounds
  • Endless Sky - An hour-long video featuring aerial footage with a musical accompaniment
  • Dreamscape - 1-hour video featuring waterfalls accompanied by soothing music
  • Prana Tones - A 17-minute "Astral trip"
  • Heart Chakra Note F - 10 minutes of an evolving night sky and the aurora borealis
  • Dharma-frequency-Yoga retrea t(1) - 30 minutes of light-hearted music and aerial footage of numerous coastlines
  • Dharma-Frequency Yoga Retreat (2) - Nearly 30 minutes of upbeat music and forests
  • Prana-Tones- Asian Meditation (1) - 22 minutes of Asian music and "Astral trips"
  • Prana-Tones- Asian Meditation (2) - 19 minutes of meditation music and visuals
  • Rain Lullabye - Over an hour of relaxing music accompanied by waterfall scenarios
  • Ascending - An hour of tranquility and uplifting music and video
  • Crown Chakra - Note B - 10- minute video of tranquil lakes and music
  • Morning Calm - Over an hour of music and beautiful beaches

-- Information is current as of February 8, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Why not tune in to the Muziq.Rocks - Meditation and Relaxation channel and enjoy the rest of the day, or night.

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