MediaBoxUSB Quick Look: MediaBox USB is an app that lets you stream photos, videos, and music from a USB flash drive to your USB-enabled Roku device (only the Roku 3 among current-generation Rokus). This $1.99 app offers about the same functionality as the free Roku Media Player, although it's limited to content on the thumb drive while Roku Media Player will scan for content on network-connected devices. MediaBox USB's main benefit seems to that it filters available directories to show only those that contain content of the type specified. For example, if you select "Audio" and then browse by directory, the app will display only directories with audio files.

MediaBox USB will also let you choose whether to stop after streaming a single file, repeat the selected file continuously, play all files sequentially, or play all files in random order. These options are available by media type.

-- Information is current as of July 11, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Now you can access you videos and photos stored on you USB memory stick

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DEVELOPER: PlayAlong TV limited

FEES: One time purchase $1.99