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Matador Network TV

Quick Look: Matador Network TV is not a traditional travel vlog; instead, the videos tell a story of the people and experiences had. There are hundreds of travel stories on this Roku channel, along with original productions and tutorial videos, one of which is available below.

Video categories include:

  • Matador Original Films
  • People of Paradise - A story of the people of the Palawan Islands
  • Matador Travel Guide - 5 locations around the world
  • Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard - 7 episodes about travel in Japan
  • Iran- Is it Really that Bad - 5 episodes about traveling in Iran
  • Wild Toddler Chronicles - 1 episode from this YouTube channel
  • Luxury Off the Grid - 2 videos about traveling in the upper North West
  • Go RV'ing - 6 short videos about traveling the road in an RV
  • Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen - 5 tutorial cooking videos from the chef at the Tao Kantina
  • Brink: Front Lines of Conservation
  • Doers & Makers - Stories about people around the world
  • Forward Progress - 5 short original films
  • From the Air - Aerial views of 26 different countries and regions
  • Illuminate the Bike - Bike rides in 3 different countries
  • Make Home with REI - camping with REI reps using REI products
  • Marko Creators Series - 2 original documentaries
  • Nevada - Sights NOT found on the Vegas strip
  • Behind the Lens with Dewey - Photo and video tips from filmmaker Mike Dewey
  • Seattle Locals - Behind the scenes in Seattle
  • Seek and Find - Short travel documentaries
  • The Rickshaw Adventure - Travel in India
  • Tribe Without Borders - Travel in the Middle East

Below is one of the videos available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of March 20, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Matador Network TV is Matador's Roku channel that features the latest original travel content from Matador Network. Cool original titles such as Travel Deeper, From the Air and Luxury Off the Grid to name a few. Install the channel for all the latest travel content from Matador Network.

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