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The Man Channel

The Man Channel Quick Look: The Man Channel offers five reality TV series covering mixed martial arts, motorcycles, wrestling, and racing:

  • Art of Fighting - "The best MMA fighters from the various fighting leagues battle to be crowned MMA Champion."
  • iKuztom - "America's sexiest kuztom bikes"
  • Let' Riiiide - A series on traveling by motorcycle.
  • Squared Circle Dreams - "Meet Anarchy Championship Wrestling, a hardcore wrestling company based in Texas. Squared Circle Dreams provides an intimate and hair raising window into the lives of the owners, wrestlers, and the fans who drive this phenomenon."
  • The Underdogs - "An episodic journey into the lives of brothers Adam and Noah Levy, owners of LIC Motorsports. Watch as they prepare their race-bred Subaru STi for battle in the Redline Time Attack race series."

Three of these series, iKuztom, Squared Circle Dreams, and The Underdogs, are also available on the Focus Reality TV Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of March 8, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: A men's lifestyle app showcasing everything that a man would want to watch: entertainment, sport's, women, and more!

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