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Make Sushi

Quick Look: Make Sushi is a YouTube channel called "How to Make Sushi". The channel offers a variety of tutorial sushi preparation videos using numerous techniques and ingredients. The videos are categorized as follows:

  • Sushi Cooking Basics: 17 videos discussing proper preparation and basic skills
  • All Food Hacks: 12 Tips and tricks to use in the kitchen
  • Graphic Food preparation: 7 videos of live food preparation including Lobster, Eel and Tuna
  • Vegan Recipes: 4 Vegan dishes
  • Delicious Foods: 5 easy to follow recipes including Korean Fried Chicken and Four Cheese Bread
  • Sashimi: 2 recipes for Salmon
  • Sushi Cooking Ideas: 5 novelty sushi tutorials
  • Kitchen Gadgets: 8 gizmos for the kitchen
  • Interesting Videos: 14 easy to prepare dishes including Tuna tartar poppers, Steak tartar and Angel Chicken Nuggets
  • Garnish Carvings: 9 tutorials about using carrots or cucumbers to decorate your plate
  • Japanese Recipe: 8 authentic recipes including Salmon Roe, Seaweed and Cucumber Salad and Tunado Roll
  • Dessert Recipe: 5 recipes including Chocolate Mousse, Matcha Ice Cream and a Melon Dessert
  • Sushi Art: 14 creative ways to prepare sushi
  • Tuna Sushi Roll Recipes: 12 different ways to use tuna in sushi
  • Sauce Recipes: 9 different sauce recipes including Kewpie/Mayonnaise, Korean Spicy Sauce and Carrot Ginger Sauce
  • Recipes: 44 tutorials on preparing sushi

Below is one of the videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of April 26, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Learn how to make sushi by viewing our sushi recipe videos, also you can visit our website to see our full sushi recipes. Learn how to make sushi rolls, sashimi fish and nigiri sushi. We will try to make a new sushi recipe once at least weekly on Wednesday and promise to make them as creative as possible.

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