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Quick Look: MADE Everyday Vids features content from the MADE Everyday YouTube channel, a DIY and crafting channel hosted by Dana who uses everyday items to create new and practical things. A vast majority of the content revolves around sewing with video titles that include "How to sew a pair of shorts with a flat iron," "How to use a sewing machine," "How to sew pockets into a skirt or dress," and "How to make a fabric bow." Other video content includes making streamers, tin can planters and lampshades.

A video from this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 22, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Dana’s lovely YouTube channel. MADE Everyday welcomes each and every one with the ingenious and cute DIYs for your home and family members. Dana is passionate about sewing, so she shares meaningful and highly-useful tips on how to make anything from toys to garments with your own hands! Every video is as detailed as possible and gives you step wise instructions that are both easy-to-understood and simple. Thanks to Dana’s vids, you are now able to create a trendy backpack, necktie, changing pad cover, pillowcases, and many other things for your household

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