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Loop Music Videos

Quick Look: Loop Music Videos provides music video channels and curated playlists in a wide range of genres. The channel is from Loop Media, a streaming company that also provides professionally-curated music videos channels and other video content for businesses.

On Roku, Loop provides free streaming of over a dozen "live loops" and 20 categories of playlists. Live loops currently include 80s Party, Yacht Rock, Hot R&B, Texas-Sized Hits, and Electro Anthems. Multiple playlists are available under categories that include Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Latin, Jazz & Soul, Workout, Party, Play, and many others. Artists include Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Blink 182, Metallica, Green Day, Drake, Cardi B, and many other stars.

Loop apps are also available for iOS and Android mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

-- Information is current as of August 26, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Enjoy hundreds of curated playlists, join live music video channels and browse the world's largest music video library.

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DEVELOPER: Loop Media, Inc.

FEES: None

Loop Music Videos on Roku
Loop Music Videos on Roku