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Living History

Quick Look: Living History features documentary video series featuring reenactments of actual historic moments throughout history. There are six series available, the first of which premiered in 2000. The shows involve real people, not actors, recreating important moments in history, similar to many reality television shows of today. Show titles include the following (show summaries are courtesy of IMDb):

  • Bomber Boys: The Flying Lancaster(2005): This dramatic four-part documentary series follows a new generation of young men - all of whom are descendants of WWII veterans - as they undergo training to become a Lancaster aircrew.
  • The Devils Brigade(2006): four-part series that chronicles the journey of 15 present-day Canadian and U.S. soldiers as they are taken back in time to face the grueling training and hardship the original Devil's Brigade endured at their training post in Helena, Montana.
  • Klondike: Quest for Gold(2003): As seen on PBS comes this new "living history" series about eight "average people" (7 men and one women) who volunteer to relive an adventure. The epic 1200 kilometer journey by the Hudson's Bay Company fur traders of 1840s from Winnipeg, to the Hudson Bay
  • Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West(2000): Two couples assume the lives of early settlers to the West. Using only the resources and tools of the period, they will attempt to build homes, raise livestock, hunt and grow crops.
  • Quest for the Bay(2002): Follow an eight-person volunteer team as they attempt to recreate the journey made by fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company during the 1840s by travelling from Winnipeg to Hudson Bay. The trip covered a distance of 800 miles (1200 kilometers) and took the team though the heart of the Canadian wilderness.
  • Quest for the Sea(2004): A documentary series that follows 2 families as they return to a lost way of life in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland. In simple wooden homes with only the tools, clothing, and supplies of 1937, five adults and five children will live under a mercantile system and need to rely on cod fishing for their sustenance and survival.

-- Information is current as of February 22, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: A wide selection of broadcast TV series where everyday live as others did from the past. See how grandsons of WW2 Bomber pilots relive their grandfather’s WW2 Bomber training, or how four men and one brave women retrace the historic route taken during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush with only the clothes, tools and resources of the era, or how two couples assume the lives of early settlers to the West and spend one year living as 1870s pioneers or eight average people who volunteer to relive an adventure of a lifetime the epic 1200 kilometer journey by the Hudson's Bay Company fur traders of the 1840s to the Hudson Bay. Engrossing and addictive television.

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