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Lindner's Fishing TVQuick Look: Lindner's Fishing TV, previously available as LMP TV, offers a series of free videos as well as a monthly subscription package that gives you more updated content. The free content consists of 13 fishing episodes of angling strategies for the North American fisherman plus four additional species-specific videos targeting monster bass, walleye, and musky. Join Al Lindner and his crew as they travel lakes, streams, and rivers in search of monster bass, walleye, trout and any other fresh water fish you can think of. The on demand videos offer tips, tricks, and very helpful suggestions to make your next fishing trip one to remember.

-- Information is current as of July 15, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Join the Lindners & The Edge Team as they explore the country and show you how and where to catch big fish.

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DEVELOPER: Lindner Media Productions

FEES: Channel is free, additional monthly subscription package available for $2.99

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