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Quick Look: Lifestyle Magazine is a Christian faith-based talk show produced by Faith for Today Ministries and hosted by the senior pastor of a Texas Seventh-Day Adventist church. But don't tune in expecting to see a televangelist (and don't ignore this channel because you don't want a preacher offering to save your soul). The topics are not necessarily religious-based. Although there are topics such as "escape from pornography" that may appear to be preaching morals, most of the shows address uncontroversial topics that are of interest to wide audience.

Titles of other episodes include Diet Myths, Ways to Reduce Medical Costs, and The Full Plate Diet. The shows are professionally-produced with high-quality video and sound. There are currently (March 2012) ten episodes of Lifestyle Magazine available on the Roku channel. There are also five episodes of a series called "Mad About Marriage", which is basically the same show but on the topic of marriage.

Developer's Channel Description: Lifestyle Magazine is a weekly talk show designed to address the health, relationship, and social issues people face every day. Hosts Mike and Gale Tucker interview a variety of authors, experts, and interesting guests who share their stories and practical advice.

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