Learnable currently provides 15 "courses" covering a wide range of subject matter. Gathered from a variety of YouTube channels, these video lessons include the following:

  • Photoshop Beginners - 9 short videos (less then 5 minutes each) covering making a collage, using layers, increasing brightness, and other basic skills
  • Hypnosis - 15 short videos by Dan Jones from the YouTube channelThe Mind Changers
  • Painting with Nicola - 2 videos totalling under 15 minutes in length
  • Ethical Hacking - Four videos showing you how to track phone and computers on the Internet, how to create Trojans using Powershell, how to make and configure your own VPN, and how Wordpress sites get hacked
  • Unreal Engine - 39 videos showing how to use the real-time 3D creation tool, with topics that include how to create folders, how to save your level, and how to hide scene icons
  • Bitcoin - 20 short lessons, some only a few seconds in length
  • Chair Massage - 26 videos that address resistance and pressure, spinal position and related topics

The quality of the videos vary, but the ones we previewed were generally home-video or podcast in style, rather than professional productions - don't expect anything comparable to The Great Courses or Wondrium this channel. Most of the videos are also short, running only a few minutes in length, although some of the courses do have longer videos.

As an example of what to expect, one of the lessons on the Learnable Roku channel is shown below.

-- Information is current as of June 15, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Learnable - Learning without limitation

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