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Laze.Life - Special Interest

Quick Look: Laze.Life - Special Interest allows users to create a personal screensaver for free using photos included in the screensaver. also allows you to import up to 500 personal photos and eliminate their ads with a $4.99/month, but the channel contains an extensive collection of professional stock photos in 34 different categories, some of which are listed below:

  • Animals/Insects
  • Cars
  • Culture
  • Desert
  • Holiday
  • Mountains
  • people
  • Sky
  • Sports
  • Waterfalls
  • Weather

If you would like to add music to the screensaver, that can be done as well. There are 5 basic genres of music available - Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Blues, Piano and Pop - or you can import your own through the use of a USB/SD card (if supported by your Roku model). If you would rather use a video as a screensaver, there are four basic videos included: Aquarium, Christmas, Creek and Fireplace.

Under the settings tab you can adjust how long each image will remain on the screen and enable or disable the clock. If that Laze.Life loge is really bothering you, it will go away for a fee of $4.99/month (premium account subscription rate).

Note that you must register for a free account, or sign in with an existing account, for your customizations to be saved. Also, even though this screensaver is shown as a regular channel on your Roku's home screen, you will need to go to Settings >> Screensaver and select for it be set as your default screensaver.

There are numerous other Laze.Life Roku channels available, each containing a variety of different screensaver options.

-- Information is current as of November 27, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Enjoy a soothing fireplace, moving stream, or an active fish aquarium. Also included in this app you will have access to our screensaver, music collection, and photo app. When you want more from your TV, Laze.Life is the app you need.

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DEVELOPER: Stegman Company LLC

FEES: Basic channel is free, premium account is $4.99/month

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