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Law & Crime Trial Network

Quick Look: Law & Crime Trial Network provides "live court video, high-profile criminal trials, crazy crime, celebrity justice, and smart legal analysis." The network was created by Dan Abrams, a legal commentator and attorney who has regularly appeared on Good Morning America. The network' journalists and lawyers provide real-time news updates and live courtroom coverage of trials and legal stories.

On Roku, Law & Crime Network provides a live stream of the network feed and also offers live trial video. At the time of our review, the only live trial feed was the same video as the live network feed - testimony in the Georgia v. Tex McIver murder case - even though the Law & Crime website three additional live court feeds at the time.

The Roku channel seems to have been launched before it was ready for public use. The channel has a "saved" feature that prompts you to "create an account or login to save and sync across devices," but the Facebook login doesn't work (Facebook accepts the login code, but the channel does not respond to the login) and creating an account with an email address doesn't result in any apparent means to save any content. Also, the Settings selection asks you to "subscribe to unlock amazing premium content," but no subscription information is found on either the Roku channel or the Law & Crime website, and the Log In button takes you to the same prompt as the "Saved" option.

Despite the nonworking features on the channel, if you want to watch a live court case, with no option for which court case you watch, this is the channel where you can do it.

Below is an example video found on their YouTube Channel:

-- Information is current as of April 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Law & Crime is the only app for live court video, high-profile criminal trials, crazy crime, celebrity justice, and smart legal analysis.

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DEVELOPER: LawNewz, Inc.

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