Laughs TV Show

Quick Look: This version of Laughs TV Show is a relaunch of the channel that was originally released in early 2017. The channel now includes 40 full-length 20-minute episodes from the LaughsTVShow YouTube channel . Each episode is typically filled with laughs from several different stand-up comedians. The most-recent episode, however, was posted on YouTube two years ago.

The channel also includes 31 short clips of comedy routines and a category called "More Laughs" that is also composed of short video clips.

A promotional video for Laughs TV Show can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of November 6, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Your weekends just got funnier with Laughs: the best way to find the top comedians touring the country.

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DEVELOPER: Half Life Productions, Inc.

FEES: None

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