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Quick Look: Laos Planet TV promises movies, music, and entertainment from Laos and Thailand, as well as shopping from live-stream stores. The Roku channel currently consists of a single live video stream that repeatedly stops to buffer. The website lists three programs, which all appear to be shopping shows:

  • Alice and Chanh - Two sisters with specializing and highly experienced in tailoring Thai and Lao Silk showcase their skills and finished products. Watch them live every Saturday at 5 pm or watch reruns of their show everyday.
  • Nhotsay Shopping and Music - No description available
  • DIANE’S SILK - For high quality, true genuine silk exported directly from makers in Laos and Thailand, tune in and watch Diana’s Silk Collection. Find traditional silk pieces as well as contemporary fashion pieces. Watch live everyday at 11am and 4pm Central time.

A schedule page is provided on the website, but currently says only "coming soon."

-- Information is current as of March 1, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Watch movies, music, and entertainment from Laos and Thailand. Shop from one of our live-stream stores, with recordings available for you 24/7. Enjoy Laos Planet TV!…

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DEVELOPER: Sang Enterprises, LLC

FEES: None

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