Koa Rothman

Quick Look: Koa Rothman is a professional surfer and a member of the Quicksilver Surf Team. This Roku channel has over five dozen "This is Livin" vlog videos from Rothman's YouTube channel, featuring him surfing, traveling, and hanging out with friends and fellow surfers. Videos include "Final day of the Backdoor Shootout," "Perfect waves in Hawaii," and the one shown below.

Please note - you may find that the excessive number of commercial interruptions will make this channel unwatchable. During our review, this channel streamed a minute-long commercial (the same minute-long commercial) after every two minutes of video streaming. If you like the content on this channel, you may be better off viewing the videos through Roku's YouTube channel instead.

-- Information is current as of September 11, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Koa Rothman, Surfer, Travel, Fun - This is Livin. If Koa Rothman is afraid of anything, he hasn't shown it - we’ve yet to see a wave that he's backed down on. Born and bred into a big name family on the North Shore, Koa took it upon himself to create his own legacy in surfing.

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