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Kim Clement TV

Kim Clement TV Quick Look: Kim Clement TV is described as a "prophetic experience that offers you a chance to connect in the moment with God and experience His love, healing, and magnificent attributes." The channel offers on demand video of recent broadcasts of The Den, Prophetic Workshop, and Prophetic Alert.

  • The Den - This is Kim's weekly gathering with prophetic music, teaching, Codebreakers and special guests.
  • Prophetic Workshop - Join Kim and the Codebreakers team at the Prophetic Workshop to help you better understand prophecy and the prophetic gift in your life.
  • Prophetic Alerts - When Kim feels the urgency to release a specific prophetic declaration to the world, or when news breaks that is a fulfillment of a prophetic word spoken in advance, an unplanned Prophetic Alert broadcast is quickly scheduled so that you can hear what God is saying now.

-- Information is current as of May 29, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: On this channel, you can experience recent broadcasts such as The Den, Prophetic Workshop and Prophetic Alerts. For the latest LIVE broadcast and to find out more about Kim, please visit us at

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DEVELOPER: Kim Clement Center

FEES: None

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