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Jarrett-Parsons TV Wrestling

Quick Look: Jarrett-Parsons TV Wrestling contains decades of championship wrestling action from many different organizations. All of the content is shown in its original format. Footage is sourced from many different wrestling organizations which are listed below.

  • Reliving Memphis Wrestling: 4 episodes from the Memphis Wrestling organization
  • International Championship Wrestling: 4 episodes from this show
  • Southwest Championship Wrestling: 4 episodes from this show
  • IWA Wrestling: 3 episodes from this show featuring popular 70's wrestlers
  • Highspots: a collection of interviews and documentary films
  • Indy Retro: various ages of wrestling and wrestling organizations
  • Matchology: Career highlights fro Dick the Bulldog Brower, Luis Martinez and The Love Brothers
  • One on One: Interviews with Tommy Rich and Jerry Jerrett
  • Continental Championship Wrestling: Wrestling footage from 1985
  • Pro Wrestling Time machine: A collection of matches from the 1950's - 90's
  • Portland Wrestling: 4 videos from this organization
  • This is the 70's: Best of the 1970's wrestling
  • Vancouver's All Star Wrestling: Best of videos from this organization
  • Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling: 4 episodes from this show
  • Real Quality Wrestling: 4 episodes from this show

Each of the "shows" contains the original broadcast footage featuring the pioneers of professional wrestling including Ivan Koloff, Ernie Ladd, Mil Mascaras and Eric the Red.

Below is a podcast describing what you will see on this channel.

-- Information is current as of March 7, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Professional wrestling from the 1950's to the current day. Featuring weekly programs, hosted by legends such as Jerry Jarrett, Rip Rogers, Shane Douglas, Bill Eadie, Bill Apter and many others. .Also includes documentaries and specials from such notables as Highspots Inc.

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DEVELOPER: Jarrett Parsons TV Wrestling

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