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iTech University

Quick Look: iTech University is an online school providing courses and audio books focused on independent film making. There are currently four video courses available on the iTech University Roku channel:

  • Independent Film Making for Profit and Residual Income
  • Independent Film Making for Profit: Development
  • Independent Film Making for Profit: Pre-Production
  • Independent Film Making for Profit: Production

You can purchase the videos or subscribe to the channel (see Fees below).

The channel also lists Audiobooks but the two categories, Fiction and Non-Fiction, did not contain any titles at the time of our review. There is also a "store" category that just give the address of a website where you can purchase iTechU merchandise

-- Information is current as of November 23, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Internet Technology University (iTech University) is a new global marketplace for learning through video courses and audio books, connecting students with the world's best instructors.

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DEVELOPER: ScreenMagic Entertainment

FEES: Subscribe for $29.99/month or purchase for $99.99 to $194.99 per course

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