Instant flicker Screensaver

Quick Look: Instant flicker Screensaver is not a true screensaver in the sense that it needs to be activated, as opposed to a real screensaver that automatically turns on after a designated period of inactivity. The channel is actually a customizable slideshow, which changes based on your input.

When launched, the channel prompts you to submit a search word or term and the channel will then generate a slideshow of related images. For example, a query for "Fish" results in numerous images of fish and assorted marine life that are displayed for approximately 10 seconds each before changing to the next image. If you want to watch a slideshow on a different subject, press the * button on your remote to bring up the query screen. Once you leave the channel it will revert back to its home screen prompting you for your next query.

Based on the name of this channel, it's assumed that photos come from the Flickr photo sharing service, but no credits are provided for the photos shown.

-- Information is current as of June 27, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Instant flicker Screensaver is work according to you. if you want to change your screensaver then press start (*) button and submit your query after few second you will see your screensaver will change according to your query.

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