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iHeartRadio Family

Quick Look: iHeartRadio Family provides a family-safe subset of streams from the iHeartRadio app. The channel's Home screen provides family-friendly music and story streams that are not just for kids. Although you will find plenty of Disney content and streams like Kids Dance Party, the home screen also includes selections from NPR and non-age-specific streams such as Rain Sounds, Classical Piano, and Acoustic Instrumental.

If you're only looking for children's content, you can select the "Little Kids" or "Big Kids" library, both of which contain extensive streaming selections. Examples of streams for "Little Kids" include Kidz Bop, Sesame Street podcasts, What If World, Disney Hits, Disney Classics, and Rock the Cradle. Under "Big Kids" you'll find Young Ben Franklin, Tumble Science Podcast, Brains On, The Beanies, Friday Night Dance Party, Ear Snacks, plus many more.

Although all of the streams are family-friendly, you can block any stream that you want to. Just start streaming a selection and then click on the blocking icon to remove them from the menu.

-- Information is current as of December 11, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Are you looking for the best family-friendly music and stories in one FREE app? Look no further! The new iHeartRadio Family app for Roku brings you over ninety stations of the best music and stories for both kids and parents! Enjoy the latest addition to iHeartRadio Family: Stories! Listen to Story Pirates, a comedy remake of imaginative stories from real kids; Bedtime Explorers, which shares adventurous tales; and Chompers, a giggle-inducing daily show that will entertain the entire family while brushing teeth! Enjoy these Stories and more. iHeartRadio Family is also home to today’s most popular characters! Kids and parents can tune in and listen to music by their favorites from Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, and more!

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DEVELOPER: iHeartMedia

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