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iflixtv Lite Quick Look: iflixtv, according to their website, “was developed to showcase the talents of today’s up and coming filmmakers… Our films are hand picked for their high quality and entertainment value. iflixtv exists to fill a gap in the film market not being met by major streaming sites. In addition to providing quality entertainment, we provide education on the indie scene and tips and tricks in the actual film making arena.”

The iflixtv Roku channel carries films, television shows, documentaries and educational videos, categorized under Cafe She, Cafe He, Kid’s Cafe, Foreign Cafe, Music Cafe, and Film Lover’s Café. The Lite version of this channel offers free full-length films in each of these categories. Visit the subscription-based iflixtv Pro for access to the full film library.

-- Information is current as of February 14, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: iflixtv is your source for independent, classic and new release films. Tired of watching the same movies online? New films, new faces and new prices. iflixtv has the largest collection of independent, classic and new release films on the web.

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