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iChuze Fitness

Quick Look: iChuze Fitness is a subscription-based fitness channel offering both physical and mental wellness routines. The channel is part of the iChuze fitness organization that can be found nationwide. Routines are a mix of cardio, weights, and stretching, as well as mental wellbeing. Many of the routines require additional equipment like free weights, treadmill, resistance bands and more, which may limit the functionality of this channel for many viewers.

Videos can be found in the following categories:

  • Challenges for Fall/Winter
  • New Releases
  • Upcoming Live-streams
  • Training: For the Gym or at Home
  • Featured
  • Meditation
  • Short & Sweet
  • Stitch 'em Together: Combos that work
  • Get Stronger
  • Yoga & Stretch
  • Go for Cardio
  • Focus on Endurance
  • Self Care Sessions
  • Past Live Streams
  • iChuze Body All Videos
  • iChuze Mind All Videos

The channel is subscription based, however you can browse all of the the available content before subscribing. The iChuze Fitness YouTube channel contains free videos, including found below:

-- Information is current as of November 25, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Unleash a revolutionary fitness and wellness experience that you can access wherever you are, catered to allow you to reach your personal health and wellness goals. By combining our three pillars of Body, Mind and Heart, iChuze Fitness offers a holistic approach to physical fitness, mental wellness and community building. With a variety of sleek, frequently updated all-levels fitness classes, meditations, self-care sessions, community give-back opportunities and live streams with iChuze Fitness professionals - the options are limitless. Choose to take your fitness to the next level anytime, anywhere - for a price that anyone can afford.

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DEVELOPER: Chuze Fitness

FEES: $5.99/month with a 7-day free trial