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Hunt Channel Quick Look: The Hunt Channel offers both a live-stream and on demand video options. The Live Stream plays blocks of its shows. A complete schedule and program listing can be found on their website (see below). The on demand video offers a library of their currently broadcast shows. Show titles include:

  • 704 Outdoors - Self-proclaimed "hardcore huntin team" out of North Carolina.
  • Appalachian Trophy TV -"A group of friends who are all true outdoorsmen" hunting the hill and valleys of Appalachia
  • Calling the Shots TV - A reality style TV show that is centered around family, youth hunts, and good times full of humor.
  • Chili of the Grid - Travel with Aaron "Chili" Childress as he hunts remote reaches of the country
  • Even the Odds - A group of hunters based out of Michigan with a passion for Bow hunting.
  • Fit to be Wild - Join host Cara Christensen as she redefines the role of women in the wild
  • Rack and Roll Outdoors-Formed in 2009, join the guys on their hunting adventures
  • Red River Outdoors - A wide variety of shows covering deer and predator hunting as well as a little fishing
  • Spiritual Outdoor Adventures - A show hosted by Jimmy Sites, join him as he travels across the globe to get the trophy
  • Student of the Gun - This show covers the education, enlightenment, and the enjoyment of firearms
  • Travis Johnson Outdoors - Join Travis as he hunts and fishes his way around the country
  • X-treme Christian Outdoors - A ministry that utilizes the outdoors to spread the word of God.

-- Information is current as of July 10, 2014

Developer's Channel Description:Hunt Channel offers Quality Outdoor Television, including some of the best hunting, fishing and shooting shows out there. Watch Live or On Demand. New episodes added weekly. We guarantee you'll find something that suits your style of outdoor entertainment!

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