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Homesteadonomics - DIY Living

Quick Look: Homesteadonomics - DIY Living features videos from the homesteadonomics YouTube channel, which provides videos on topics like DIY, gardening, outdoors, home economics, preparedness, and permaculture. The videos on this channel are ones that just about everybody can benefit from, not just those living off the grid.

The channel contains a variety of DIY videos ranging from advanced-skill projects like building your own travel trailer or sunken greenhouse to making a rainwater collection system and raised planter boxes out of old pallets. Not all projects on this channel require heavy lifting, power tools and hard work there are quite a few easy DIY projects that are available as well including:

  • Making Liquid Laundry Soap
  • Starter Seed pots from newspaper
  • Shaving tin from an old Altoids container
  • Homemade Lard Soap
  • Plant irrigation using AC runoff

There are numerous other projects detailed on this channel, many of which used recycled materials and some ingenuity, but they can all be replicated to some degree by even the most creatively challenged. Below is a video from their YouTube channel.

-- Information is current as of February 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Homesteadonomics features DIY, gardening, outdoors, home economics, preparedness, permaculture, and more.

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