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Home Makeover

Quick Look: Home Makeover on Roku has a large library of videos, most of which have nothing to do with the topic at hand. There are three video categories with 100 videos each. THe main category is Home Improvement & Repair, which has a large collection of workout videos in German. Under Interior Decorating and Design you'll find videos like "Prince Harry Has Opened Up About His Mother's Death" and "The 10 Most Beautiful Vintage Train Routes in America." Gardening & Landscaping has the videos "Texas Police Officer Assaults Family" and "Cool Front Brings Denver Back to the Seventies."

You will find many videos that do pertain to the categories they're in, but you'll be better off just launching the YouTube channel and searching for videos in these topics.

-- Information is current as of November 2, 2018

Roku Channel Store Channel Description: Looking to upgrade your home, garden or restyle the interior of your home? Home Makeover is the perfect place to watch tutorials, get design inspiration and learn how to care for your plants. Check back daily to see great life hacks and learn new DIY skills around your home.

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