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HealthiNation Quick Look: Healthination is a channel designed to assist people in living a happier and healthier life by following a few simple guidelines. The channel is divided up into several categories with information provided by health professionals and experts in the field. The categories include:

  • Features of the Month- provides updated videos that pertain to that particular season, generally they are the more relevant videos from other categories.
  • Family Travels- focuses on keeping the family safe while vacationing or just driving around town
  • Healthy Summer Skin-learn how to protect your skin against the sun's powerful rays ( I am guessing this is a seasonal update)
  • Healthy Grilling- Serve up good-for-you BBQ banquets
  • Parenting-A parent's guide to caring for your new little one
  • Pregnancy-Information pertaining to each trimester of pregnancy, nutrition and health tips for mom
  • SSmoothies-Smoothies for all occasions
  • Essentials-Learning about the building blocks for a healthy and balanced diet
  • Quick Tips- easy to follow health tips for better sleep, longer life and bigger muscles
  • Food Rescue-A reality-style "nutrition makeover" series with Nutritionist Amy Hendel

-- Information is current as of October 23, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: HealthiNation's lifestyle programming covers basic nutrition 101 education segments to fun and informative reality series, providing recipes and real takeaways for viewers of all ages.

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