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Green Bay Packers

Quick Look: The Green Bay Packers channel is the official Roku channel of the Green Bay Packers NFL Franchise. The channel includes the following video series:

  • Alumni Spotlight
  • Green Bay Packers Give Back
  • NFL Draft
  • Final Thoughts
  • Game Highlights
  • Locker Room Interviews
  • Packers Daily
  • Packers Life
  • Packers Unscripted

-- Information is current as of September 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The only source for full-length Packers press conferences. Locker room interviews throughout the year. Featuring the shows Total Packers, Packers Life, and Packers Unscripted. Packers-related documentaries. Web-based features: Rock Report, Three Things, Packers Daily, Final Thoughts. Live streaming press conferences and analysis from Packers reporters.

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DEVELOPER: Green Bay Packers

FEES: None