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GlobeTrekker.TVQuick Look: A subscription to GlobeTrekker.TV will give you access to several dozen travel videos in the following categories:

  • Europe (8 videos)
  • Africa & Middle East (6 videos)
  • Asia Pacific (6 videos)
  • Latin America & Caribbean (7 videos)
  • North America (6 videos)
  • Theme Guides (7 videos)
  • Globe Trekker A-Z (31 videos)

The location-specific videos cover specific areas like Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Mid-Atlantic States, and the Arab Gulf States. Theme Guides cover topics that include Great Historic Sites: The Modern World; Bazaar: Cuzco, Peru; and London City Guide. Each video is between 45 and 52 minutes in length.

If you only want to view a specific video, GlobeTrekker.TV has a Vimeo channel where you can rent individual videos. However, the rental price for a single video is only a dollar less than one month's access to the full library. You can, though, visit the Vimeo channel for trailers of many videos. A trailer for one of GloberTrekker.TV's videos can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of August 1, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: GlobeTrekker.TV is home to the world's premier travel series, transporting viewers to unforgettable destinations through its stunning photography, quirky personalities and spirit of adventure.

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DEVELOPER: Island Dreamer Enterprises

FEES: $3.99 per month subscription through the Roku Channel Store

GlobeTrekker TV on Vimeo