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Get CONNected

Get CONNected

Review: The Get CONNected channel offers a small selection of videos from Conn Jackson's Get CONNected website. Who is Conn Jackson, you ask? According to Wikipedia, he's a former investment banker who decided after the 9/11 attacks to "recognize people, places and activities making a difference."

Get CONNected currently has a dozen videos spread across the following categories:

  • Celebrity Interviews - Celebrity, in this case, is in the eye of the beholder
  • Fun Events - Coverage of a charity walk and playing ball with the military
  • Pro vs. Conn - Conn Jackson competes with Women's World Cup soccer stars and with a female Olympic swimmer
  • The Inside Scoop - "He Said, She Said" debates between Conn Jackson and comedian Tina Brown

These are all short videos, just a few minutes in length, typical of what you would find on the morning news/entertainment shows. If the topics interest you, add the channel and you can breeze through all of them in less than an hour. I don't know if new videos will be added in the future, or if the Roku channel is just a plug for the Get CONNected website.

Developer's Channel Description: Tired of being told what to think? We are changing the status quo of negative news, debating real hot topics, and putting you in the know with celebrities and places you want to go. This show is for independent thinkers, just like you!

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