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G7 Life

Quick Look: If you like hunting and fishing, G7 Life is the Roku channel you've been looking for, with a current roster of 61 TV shows. To name just a few, you'll find "Addicted to the Season," "Dirt Road Outdoors," "Gone Fishing Pro," and "Outdoor Wild TV." Although we were unable to sample every show on this channel, the ones we did watch were professionally produced and most were full half-hour shows obviously created for broadcast on television. Although there may be some, we didn't see any vlogs that were recorded on cell phones and hastily thrown together.

The videos are arranged by show, so you can binge watch any of the programs that you like, but the channel's home screen also shows you the newest episodes from a variety of the shows. Currently listed new episodes include Chasin' Creation - "The Kansas Sneak Attack," Boot-Trac Adventures - "Christy's First Bear," Surrender Outdoors "Turkey Hunting the Beautiful Pogue Ranch," and Kill & Eat - "Squealers."

A promo for one of the shows on G7 Life can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of September 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: GEN7 Outdoors Network is an Outdoor TV Channel with hunting, fishing and other outdoor related TV shows.

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DEVELOPER: 495 Communications

FEES: None

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