Free4All carries a modest library of movies and TV shows in the following categories:

  • Thriller Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Romantic Movies
  • Crime Movies
  • Painting Autumn TV Show
  • Documentary

Popular titles include 8 Slices (2019), about philosophical friends who band together to save a neighborhood pizza parlor; Bigfoot, UFOs and Jesus (2021), where a woman experienced something otherworldly that was pushed to the corners of her mind, seemingly forgotten until a trip home starts unlocking her past memories; and Changeover, in which a girl grieving the loss of her parents moves in with her uncle and nephew.

-- Information is current as of July 5, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Free4All provides a dynamic scope of Movies and TV from A-list Star-powered action, horror, and comedy to thought provoking mission driven cinema designed to create stirring conversation. Always free around the clock with new content available every week!

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