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Free Movies Now is a mix of B-movies and Straight to Video selections. There are hundreds of titles to choose from which can be found in the following genres and many more:

  • Action
  • Lighthearted Action
  • Classic Action
  • Adventure
  • Westerns
  • Musicals
  • Comedy
  • Standup Comedy
  • Screwball Comedies
  • Funny Families
  • Teen Comedy
  • Dramadey
  • Horror
  • Fights in the Forest
  • Slasher Flicks
  • Terrorized Teens
  • Foreign Dramas

Current Staff Picks include Trail of Ashes (2020), a mystery/thriller in which "the search for the empress's daughter reunites two long-lost brothers who grew up on opposite sides of a war, forcing them to choose between family bonds and political alliances;" Bully (2020), a coming-of-age story about a quiet, heavy-set high school kid who is constantly bullied by his classmate Miles and his cronies until he learns to fight back after a chance meeting with a former professional boxer; and Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont (2008), a drama about an elderly woman, who is all but abandoned by her family in a London retirement hotel, strikes up a curious friendship with a young writer.

-- Information is current as of November 25, 2022

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