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Quick Look: Framework Television on Roku contains introductory videos teaching individuals about coding, designing content management, and app development. The channel is composed of the following shows (descriptions from the Roku Channel Store):

  • Build - Join Mark as he guides you thorough building complete apps. You're invited to code along as you build and learn, completing application projects. You'll also advance your skills in the most ubiquitous coding language: Javascript.
  • localHost - Folllow localHost guide Jessy Griz as she goes behind-the-scenes at some very interesting tech spaces, talks to the folks who work there and sees what makes them tick.
  • Grid:Digital - Want to learn digital design? You will create creative and cool web sites (like this one) and learn smart design tools like Photoshop and Sketch. Each day you'll become a better digital pro with the help of experts Kris Tonski and Hannible Julien IV.
  • Framework TV - Join Lou Rinaldi and a cast of technical experts including Josh Levinson and Mike Stelly as you learn web and mobile development fundamentals. The guys will be discussing everything from HTML5 to Swift and more on each daily episode of Framework."

-- Information is current as of August 30, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Learn digital skills and get immersed in the tech lifestyle with Framework Television. You'll learn skills such as coding, design content management and app development which can help you advance your career or complete your own projects. Framework is a new tech television network. You can learn web design with the team on 'Grid Digital', or create new apps on 'Build'. Each day you'll be learning new digital skills as you enjoy the shows on Framework

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DEVELOPER: LearnToProgram, Inc.

FEES: None

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