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Quick Look: Tom Cote (pronounced Tom Cody) is the host of Food Snot, a channel that offers "food reviews and fast food taste tests with a slight twist of humor and a major twist of bald".

The premise of the channel is to taste individual products or compare similar food items from different vendors and critique each with its merits and disappointments. Throw in a little humor, several analogies and maybe a relevant side story, and there is your review. The videos are entertaining if nothing else, with submissions comparing McDonald's Egg McMuffin to Dunkin Donuts' breakfast sandwich; original Oreos vs Walmart brand; or the Hostess vs. Little Debbie smack-down.

The videos are offered in two categories, Sweet Tooth and Meat n Potatoes, with each category hosting 15 and7 videos each respectively. If you enjoy this channel there are many more videos available on Cote' YouTube channel. He also welcomes any suggestions you may have for a taste test comparisons; contact information is provided on his YouTube channel.

Below is a sample video from the Food Snot (Tom Cote) YouTube channel:

-- Information is current as of December 9, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Fastest growing food reviews channel on Roku. Honest food reviews by Tom Cote himself…

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