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FNTSY Sports Network Quick Look: Tired of finishing last in all of your fantasy leagues? Not sure if you should trade that slumping QB? Let FNTSY Sports Network do your homework for you. Here you will find insightful information from professional sports analysts whose job it is to follow sports; it's almost like insider trading.

You will find players rankings, stats, injury status and other pertinent information to help you decide if he makes your roster. The channel is a mix of live stream and on demand video. The live stream consists of several analysts (from several respected sources) discussing players/athletes rankings. While a majority of the discussions center around baseball, basketball and football, other sports are covered as well, including hockey, golf, and even NASCAR.
The On Demand portion allows you to go back and review some vital information you may have missed from earlier in the week. This portion consists of several of their more popular shows:

  • RotoExperts - One of the leading independent providers of fantasy sports coverage
  • FNTSY Sports Today - A 3 person panel discussion about current sports and players with a full assessment of players, and their anticipated performance
  • RazzBall - A predominately MLB advisor, however they also cover other sports Football, Basketball, and Hockey
  • Bloomberg Sports Stats Insights - Statistical sports analyst, covering MLB, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, GOLF, TENNIS, AND EVEN NCAA SPORTS
  • Game Time Decisions - Keep em' or Trade em', hot topics on who to by trade or sell

All of the on demand content is up to date airing the previous four days' shows. The channel is free to load, but you only get several on demand shows with outdated information. For full access, the monthly subscription rate is $2.99, with a 30 day free trial, or a yearly subscription rate of $29.99. The registration process is very easy, you simply enter your Roku PIN, and hit subscribe. You can cancel at any time prior to the 30 free trial ending and you won't be charged.

-- Information is current as of July 18, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: FNTSY Sports Network is the world's first-ever television network specifically targeted towards the estimated 40 million people who play fantasy sports annually and on a daily basis. It includes live studio programming, call-in shows, celebrity and expert drafts, reality shows and more.

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DEVELOPER: Anthem Media Group Inc.

FEES: Free with limited content. Full content is $2.99 for monthly subscription or $29.99 for annual subscription.

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