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Fluid Movement TV

Quick Look: Fluid Movement TV takes a look at everyday routines and how they affect your body both positively and negatively, while also offering assistance to alleviate the negative impact some movements may have. The videos provide ways to manage and improve your physical situation, which is typically done by properly performing low impact exercises, improving posture, and proper stretching. Topics include "Stiff Backs", "Sciatica," "Pelvic Tilts," and "Proper Breathing Techniques" plus many other common ailments.

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-- Information is current as of May 8, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Fluid Health and Fitness offers the most advanced corrective exercises and movement therapies in the world. We can help you identify your movement distortions, educate you on how you are intended to move, then guide you through a corrective strength program to bring you back to balance. So whether you were injured yesterday or ten years ago, you want corrective exercise and/or you are looking to bring your fitness to the next level, Fluid Health and Fitness is for you. Fluid also offers one on one virtual fitness as well as in person. Get 30 days free.

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