Fitpro does not live up to the hype of the Roku channel store description, but it does offer men and women 48 video clips each. After selecting a gender from the channel's opening screen, you'll find the videos categorized as FIRSTPLAIN, SECONDPLAIN, THIRDPLAIN, FORTHPLAIN (sic), and FIVEPLAIN. There are 10 videos in the first four categories and two videos in the fifth. Each video is a one-minute demonstration of a different exercise such as jumping jacks, knee to elbow squats, and blast off push ups for men, and pop squats, hip twists, and cross punches for women.

It's not clear whether the categories are meant to be different "planes" (as in progressive levels of difficulty) or different "plans" (as in different workout routines), and there is no explanation of why you would choose one category over another. A nice feature would be autoplay, so you could move directly from one exercise to the next. Instead, after each exercise you will need to grab your remote to exit back to the menu, select the next video, and press play.

-- Information is current as of August 11, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: FitPro designed to help your workout planning and fitness trackin. We have everything you need to build your body and get incredible results in short run. Our app will offer scientific and reliable video clips that adapt to your goals, maximize your results and help you push your limits. You will enjoy our expertly designed routines, build your custom workout routines, and even be the master of your workout intensity. All you need is just following our guidance and doing exercise through these videos. Just a simple click the DOWNLOAD and use it for no cost. Get the body shape you've always wanted on FitPro!

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