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Fitness Made Easy Body Focus

Quick Look: Fitness Made Easy Body Focus features videos hosted by Ryan West, a certified fitness trainer. The at-home exercises are easy to follow and can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level. Most, if not all, of the videos use resistance bands in lieu of weights, which makes it easy and affordable for almost anyone to participate.

As the channel name indicates, the workouts provide a full body workout, including core, legs, arms and chest. There are currently 35 exercise videos, which are designed to tone and strengthen, including the example below. If you are looking to target only your arms the Fitness Made Easy Bicep/Tricep channel is also available.

The Fitness Made Easy YouTube channel contains more videos including the one below.

-- Information is current as of May 13, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to the Fitness Made Easy Community, my name is Ryan West and I am the creator of this unique fitness platform! I created this platform with the hopes of helping others find a successful path to fitness happiness. It is not always easy to make exercise a common theme in your life. Fitness Made Easy can help you get on track or back on track.

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