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Fiction & Fantasy Movies

Quick Look: Fiction & Fantasy Movies contains a large assortment of SciFi/Fantasy movies and series, most of whichthan likely went straight to video as there are not any notable titles apparent. However, there are quite a few big names including Scarlett Johansson, Mischa Barton, Kate Hudson, Peter Dinklage, Kevin Bacon and Bridget Fonda.

Content is categorized according to genres that include Drama, Comedy, Horror, SciFi, Fantasy and a few others. Each film contains a brief synopsis describing the film, its duration and cinematic rating as well as any notable stars.

Video titles include Donovan's Echo, a 2011 Canadian supernatural suspense film starring Danny Glover as a man who is forced to re-examine his tragic past, memory, instinct, and future after a series of uncanny déjà vu events; Delivering Milo (2001), which is a story about a guardian angel that has 24 hours to convince a soul that life on Earth is worth the effort; and Axe Giant (2013), in which young adults at a first-time offenders' boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined.

-- Information is current as of August 21, 2020

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