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Quick Look: FEATURED MOVIES has over three dozen current-era films and 18 vintage public domain films and TV shows. "Most Popular" titles include "The Age of Adulting" (2018), a movie about a group of friends who confront the disillusionment of early adulthood when their career aspirations and romantic relationships aren't what they dreamed; "Land of the Little People" (2016), in which four young children from a village of military officers discover two army deserters in an abandoned military camp and a gruesome battle ensues over who has a claim to the land; and "The Orchard" (2018), which shows how the life of an LA talent agent changes when he inherits a peach orchard from an eccentric aunt in Canada.

Be warned that this channel has an excessive number of commercial interruptions. During our testing, a minute-long ad was shown after every two minutes of video streaming. That means that for every hour of movie runtime, you'll be treated to 30 minutes of ads, and a 90-minute movie will be stretched to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

-- Information is current as of September 5, 2019

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