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Falling Down Free

Quick Look: Falling Down Free plays identical to the Roku game Falldown, with the only difference being you don't play with a "flaming ball."

The object of the game is to keep your ball in a constant state of free fall as you navigate a maze that is constantly moving upwards, as shown in the screenshots below. This is done using the left and right arrow keys on your remote. As you progress through the game the maze's, movement speeds up so any misjudgment may cause you to run out of space thus ending the game.

There are 2 modes of play, easy and hard, and high scores are maintained. The game is ad sponsored, with commercials streamed prior to the first game, then there are periodic commercial breaks.

-- Information is current as of May 2, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Play for free to see how long you can keep the ball falling down.

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DEVELOPER: Real News Press

FEES: None