Fall Stroll in the Park

Fall Stroll in the Park should really be called "Fall Stroll Down a City Street." This screensaver displays a graphical cityscape that scrolls across the screen while your Roku is idle. As seen in the screenshots below, the screensaver doubles as an advertising vehicle for The Roku Channel and for premium streaming services available on Roku. This screensaver is a companion to the Fall in the Park wallpaper.

To set this screensaver to activate when your Roku is idle, install the screensaver then go to Settings from your Roku's home screen and select Theme >> Screensavers >> select the screensaver >> Set as screensaver.

-- Information is current as of October 18, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: It’s a perfect fall day in Roku World! Savor the sights of the season as you stroll through the park.

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DEVELOPER: Roku Themes

FEES: None

Fall Stroll in the Park Roku screensaver
Fall Stroll in the Park Roku screensaver