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eMAM Digital Assets Made Easy

Quick Look: eMAM™ is a software system that provides workflow solutions for broadcast, media, corporate, government, and education clients. The eMAM Digital Assets Made Easy Roku channel consists of only two videos actually related to the eMAM software: A 14-minute "Complete eMAM Overview" and a 2-1/2-minute video about using eBin. The remainder of the videos on this channel are just filler material, and include a 1-minute video of "Chris's aquarium" (sorry, we don't know who Chris is), a promo for a beach in NYC, and six seconds of waves on a beach (that video is so good that it's included twice).

The channel also includes access to live events; at the time of this review, the next live event was to be instruction on "how to use the system."

-- Information is current as of February 20, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: eMAM Workgroup combines media management and digital publishing with production asset management. It seamlessly brings together your technical and non-technical users to power the entire life cycle of a media asset within one systems. Producers, editors, customers, marketers, broadcasters, and customer can all access the appropriate content from an interface that best meets their needs, permissions, and technical skills. With eMAM's extensive third-party integrations, you can replace multiple disconnected processes with a seamless integrated workflow system.

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