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Quick Look: Eater Food & Drinks, "the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives," has a mission to "bring the most delicious food content ever -- with features, explainers, animations, recipes, and much more."

The Eater Roku channel features a large library of content from the Eater YouTube channel that includes the following video series:

  • Kitchen Gadget Test Show - "Join Esther Choi in the Eater Test Kitchen as she reviews the latest cooking gadgets." Episodes include 'Do You Need a Grilled Cheese Toaster?,' 'Which Pasta Attachment Is the Best?' and 'Testing Shaved Ice Machines.'
  • Omakase - "Learn the technique and art of master sushi chefs." Episodes include 'Bringing Japanese Culinary Training to NYC' and 'A Texas Barbecue-Inspired Omakase.'
  • You Can Do This - "Cliff shares cooking hacks for the food obsessed." Episodes include 'Making Pork Buns at Home,' 'Speeding Up Dry-Aged Streak at Home,' and 'Frying Jalapeno Corndog Poppers at Home.'
  • Prime Time "The Meat Hook Butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young explore all things meat." Episodes include 'Dry-Aging and Curing Fish,' 'Making Three Kinds of Bacon,' and 'Grilling Cow Stomach.'
  • Cooking in America - "Explore America through food and culture with Sheldon." Episodes include 'The Pitmaster Bringing Barbecue Back to Oakland' and 'Eating French Pastries in Santa Fe.'
  • Travel, Eat, Repeat - "Join the adventure for food lovers with Iz Harris." Episodes include 'Making Hand-Pulled Noodles in Taiwan,' 'Iconic Egg Tarts in Lisbon,' and 'Giant Seafood Platter in Peniche.'
  • How To Make It - "Step inside the food world's wildest jobs with chef Katie Pickens." Episodes include 'How to Build a Smoker,' 'How Bacon is Made,' and 'How Caviar is Farmed.'
  • Dining On A Dime - "Discover cheap eats from city to city." Episodes include 'A Montreal Spot Serving Kimchi Pirogies' and 'Making Cacio e Pepe Ravioli in Rome.'
  • K-Town - "Join Matthew Kang as he visits Korean food hot spots." Episodes include 'Street Food Tours Through a Seoul Market' and 'Korean Cheesy Ribs in Toronto.'
  • Halo Halo - "Francesca Manto explores different aspects of Filipino food in America." Episodes incldue 'Trying a Filipino Sausage Burger' and 'Pike Place Market's Filipino Food Stall.'

A promotional video for the Eater channel on Roku can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Feed your food and restaurant obsession with hundreds of episodes around the globe. Hosted by a team of passionate food experts, Eater will take you on a journey through food and culture — and keep you craving more.

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